Sample Website Commitment to Inclusion Statements  Alaska Airlines Our People People are at the heart of our business Alaska Airlines is focused on working together to build a diverse and inclusive company where everyone feels valued, committed and connected. So much so, that premise has consistently been one of our five strategic goals each year. Our ability to create and maintain this environment is consistently being challenged, especially with the stresses within our industry in recent years. The key to meeting these challenges is to foster a mutual understanding and respect for each other and the customers we serve. We’re doing that by better aligning our company’s vision, goals and policies with our diversity and inclusion efforts. Through a solid infrastructure, leadership and accountability we’ve already realized some great progress.


 Wells Fargo  Diversity and inclusion We want to build and sustain a diverse and inclusive culture for all Wells Fargo team members—one where they feel valued and respected for who they are as well as for the skills and experiences they bring to our company. We want team members to feel comfortable and enjoy being part of our community, knowing they can build a career here and help the company succeed. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is key to being one of the world’s great companies. It’s a business imperative that lets us take advantage of the creativity and innovation that come from multiple perspectives and allows us to respond quickly and effectively to customer needs here at home and all across the globe. It also helps us understand our customers more fully, see business opportunities in new ways and succeed in serving the needs of our expanding customer segments. We value and promote diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business and at every level of our organization. To know our customers and serve them well, the diversity of team members throughout our ranks should reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. We need to do a better job of attracting, developing, and retaining the best-qualified, most diverse group of team members we can find, and each leader is accountable for measurable, sustainable results. Diverse representation alone is not the desired outcome. We also need an inclusive culture that is accepting of differences and open to new ideas that can help us create a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Otherwise, the true value of diversity will go unrealized. The spirit of diversity and inclusion lives in our hearts and minds, and, most importantly, in our behaviors— the way we interact with each other and the way we conduct our business practices. These include:
  • Diverse segment outreach. Our Diverse Segments team reaches out to diverse communities to help us better serve and earn more business from Latino, Asian American, African American, Lesbian/Gay/ Bisexual/Transgender, Women, People with Disabilities and other important communities. Today, our customer base in these segments reflects the general population and in some cases is more diverse—a trend we expect to continue in the years ahead.
  • Supplier diversity. We integrate supplier diversity into our overall vendor sourcing process, supporting economic development and job creation in the diverse communities we serve. Our goal is to have at least 10 percent of our annual, controllable spend with certified, diverse suppliers.
  • Diversity councils. Our CEO chairs the company’s Enterprise Diversity Council, which is made up of senior executives from across Wells Fargo. These leaders are tasked with making decisions that align with the company’s goals and influencing change that will accelerate impact and broaden ownership within the lines of business or functional areas. We also have regional and line-of-business diversity councils that support the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Team Member Networks. These groups provide professional and leadership development, mentoring, and community involvement opportunities. They also serve as a resource for business development and customer insights, help recruit new team members, and strengthen our brand reputation.