Counseling/ Therapy:

All of the medical providers on this list have been added because they want to serve the trans community. There is no specific training required to be included in this list and some may be more knowledgeable than others. This list was put together as a guide for those who need specialty care or who are limited due to insurance coverage and can’t be seen at Full Spectrum Health clinic in Anchorage, the gold-standard for LGBTQ care in Alaska.

Those clinics on the list with an (*) are specifically recommended and vetted by trans-people. Those with an (^) have received training from Dr. Tracy Wiese, APRN from Full Spectrum Health.

Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center
Hannah Ekstrom PsyD, LPC

depression, anxiety
sliding scale fee based on income
must be an established medical patient to utilize counseling services

*Arctic Owl Counseling, LLC (907) 223-4374
Roni Lanier MS, LPC, CDCI

counseling for GLBTQ issues, alternative relationships and trauma

*Chris Reynolds PsyD (907) 279-9274

individual and couples counseling, sex therapy

*Ebony McClain PhD, LPC (907) 602-0305

counseling for gender dysphoria, trauma, depression, anxiety

^*Full Spectrum Health (907) 229-9766

counseling, medication management

*Sarah Leavitt LPC (907) 227-8001

counseling for gender dysphoria, eating disorders, anxiety, depression

*White Raven Center (907) 333-4478

counseling and retreats