Parents,  Guardians,  &  Caring Adults

A Youth Shared their Sexual Orientation /
Gender Identity with Me - What Now?

*This is a huge sign of trust from a youth and even if they can’t express their gratitude for you right now, please know how important your support is!

*Be open and honest with your child, even if you don’t fully understand how they identify you can still love, support, and respect them.

*Do some research! We all start somewhere, and this is a great opportunity to grow closer with the youth & even better understand your own sexual orientation and gender identity. 

*A few reminders:

  • Be mindful of not sharing with others how the youth identifies unless you have checked with them first.
  • You aren’t alone! There are many amazing groups and resources to support you and the youth. See below for more information.

Resources For Parents & Guardians

Websites  for  Learning
Having conversations with youth
  • Amaze – a free resource to help you talk to your kids about everything from babies to bodies to gender to consent to relationships
  • Every Body Curious videos by Shaftesbury Kids
Supportive  Spaces

If you know of other resources, please let us know by submitting them through this form.