Educators,  school  staff  &  Students

Educators & School Staff

Guides  for  schools
  1. GLSEN’s website and specifically their Educator Resources and Rainbow Library
  2. Visit Stop Bullying‘s website for support in address bullying in school
  3. Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth: Online Professional Development for Supporting LGBTQ+ Students
  4. Gender Spectrum’s Schools in Transition 
  5. Gender affirming dress code policy
  6. PFLAG’s Cultivating Respect: Safe School’s for All 
  7. Explore the Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) website
  8. Gender Inclusive Biology
  9. Contact info@identityinc.org for more info

A Student Shared their Sexual Orientation /
Gender Identity with Me - What Now?

*This is a huge sign of trust from a youth and even if they can’t express their gratitude for you right now, please know how important your support is!

*Connect the student to community support resources ie. local Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) or see Identity’s support page 

*Check out the educational resources on this page to become more informed!

*Advocate for 2SLGBTQ+ students ie. get involved with GSA, testify at school board meetings, create space for queer & trans* student voices to be heard

*A few reminders:

  • Be mindful of not sharing with others how the youth identifies unless you have checked with them first.
  • You aren’t alone! There are many amazing groups and resources to support you and the youth. 
student  resources

ACLU’s Know Your Rights: a guide for trans & gender nonconforming students 

ACLU’s LGBTQ+ youth resources

Check out Identity’s website for info on virtual gathering spaces & support groups

Trans* & Nonbinary student resource guide

Ultimate Resource Guide for LGBTQIA2S+ Students

44 Self-Esteem Resources for Nonbinary Adolescents and Teens

action  &  advocacy
  1. Start a GSA at your school / become involved with existing GSAs 
  2. ACLU’s open letters you can give to schools for gendered dress codes & days of silence
  3. Submit stories of discrimination/harassment/bullying in schools
  4. Testify at your local school board: School Board Testifying Guide 
financial  resources

Human Rights Campaign’s scholarship finder for Alaskan LGBTQ+ folks

The Pride Foundation Scholarships – a scholarship program that supports LGBTQ+ students who are leaders—in their own lives, in their families, in their home communities, in their fields of study, in their workplaces, or in our movements for justice.  

Point Foundation – empowers promising lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential – despite the obstacles often put before them – to make a significant impact on society.

Colin Higgins Youth Courage Award – acknowledges remarkable young people who refuse to be silenced by societal norms and demonstrate profound courage in the face of hardship, intolerance and bigotry based on sexual orientation, gender identity and national origin.

Information & resources about higher education for youth experiencing houselessness 

College scholarships for LGBTQ+ students – search engine

Alaska State Fair Scholarship – learn more here

Scholarships for Trans* students here


crisis  lines

LGBT 24-hour Youth Suicide Hotline 

Trans Lifeline 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 

The Trevor Project
24/7 call: (866) 488-7386
24/7 text: START to 678678
24/7 online chat

If you know of other resources, please let us know by submitting them through this form.