Social Justice


Social Justice is a collective movement for freedom and liberation which includes the LGBTQ+ community & all intersecting identities. To effectively pursue liberation, we must see queer & trans* identities through an anti-racist lens, challenge the power structures that uphold all forms of oppression, and center folks whose lived experiences have been – and continue to be – erased. Engaging with Social Justice is a life long journey, but we hope the resources linked throughout this page encourage curiosity, unlearning, and a better understanding of how social identities shape your reality.

resources to explore


Videos  &  Books  &  Art

What is systemic racism? (video series)

Social Justice books for adults and children 

Podcast interview with Ibram X. Kendi’s on the difference between being “not racist” and antiracist

Decolonize Your Mind with Dr. Micheal Yellow Bird (video)

Catherine Pugh’s anti racism articles

Police Abolition 101 Zine

Effects of Prison Industrial Complex on LGBTQ+ community (panel interview)

Intersex youth: What We Wish series and language guide

Centering BIPOC youth in questions of sexual health and rights a podcast

FB Live discussions with Sequoya Hayes

Websites  &  articles

Anti Conversion Therapy

Free Grants for Felons

Historical Foundations of Race

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – E library

Native Movement’s dismantling white supremacy resources 

Yuuyaraq PDF by Harold Napoleon 

Dismantling Racism Works – drWorks 

white supremacy culture website, based on the original white supremacy culture article by Tema Okun

Racial Equity Tools – resource search engine & their glossary

Violence on our land, violence on our bodies initiative

white fragilitywhite privilege – an invisible knapsack 

Indigeneity Curriculum resource for accurate and contemporary information about Indigenous science, media, and curriculum for social change

To learn more about gender & sexuality check out this page


Actively Engaging With Social Justice

Be aware of which Indigenous Nation’s land you live one and incorporate land acknowledgement into daily life (meetings, gratitude practices, etc.)

Engage with Project Implicit’s implicit bias tests and watch these implicit bias video trainings 

Use Transformative Justice as a tool to fight white supremacy, white fragility, and implicit bias

Visit & financially support the Alaska Native Heritage Center

Volunteer with Native Movement or the YWCA

Support Black owned businesses – search engine 

Donate to organizations working toward an anti – racist society and/or bail funds (links at the bottom of this page)

Silence is fundamental to white supremacy culture – use your voice!

If you know of other resources, please let us know by submitting them through this form.