LGBT Cultural Competency Training

 Identity, Inc. has provided LGBT cultural competency training and education in Alaska for the past 37 years.

Our qualified trainers provide presentations, lunch and learns, workshops, and panel discussions on a variety of LGBT-related subjects, including:

  • Introduction to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression
  • Creating a welcoming place of business for LGBT employees and consumers/clients
  • Best practices for inclusive workplace behaviors, policies, and procedures

These training opportunities are designed to meet the needs of senior executives, managers, human resources and diversity professionals, customer service representatives, direct service employees, and the general employee population. The curriculum can be adapted to the unique perspectives of your business or organization, be it small or large, for-profit or non-profit.

The course is designed to cultivate workplace productivity and communication, create a healthier and safer workplace.  With the ultimate goal to get all employees engaged in the mission of the organization, this course improves communication between LGBT and allied employees and the customers they serve.

Training modules include:

1. Introduction to Identity, Alaska’s LGBT community and the importance of workplace inclusion

2. Basic terminology and understanding of birth/assigned sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation

3. The impact of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and heterosexism on workplace and customer relationships

4. Best practices to promote workplace inclusion and equality

The curriculum can be tailored to your training needs and requirements. Options include: a one- hour lunch and learn; 90 minute workshop; and/or 3-hour presentation with expanded exercises and action planning.

For more information, contact Brooks Banker of Identity, Inc. at (907) 929-4528 or

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