Youth Leadership Team

Identity’s LGBTQ+ Youth Leadership Team addresses obstacles faced by queer youth in Alaska. Together, we’ll build the community you want, tackle issues that impact your life, and empower one another. 


All youth ages 14 to 18 years old who self-identify as LGBTQ+ and live in Alaska are invited to apply. Youth meet weekly and co-create a group project to complete by May 2021. 


You’ll develop leadership skills, connect with other LGBTQ+ youth, and make a positive difference in our community.

Important Dates


  • Jan. 6, 2021: Deadline to apply
  • Jan. 11 – 15: Selected interviews
  • Jan. 21: 2021 LGBTQ+ Youth Leadership Team announced
  • Feb. 5 – 7: Youth Leadership Team retreat (virtual)
  • Feb. 8 – May 7: Weekly meetings
  • May 2021: Virtual closing party

Why is Identity bringing this youth team together? 

Identity is recruiting a team of youth who will design and implement projects that address obstacles faced by queer youth in Alaska. We want a world where all youth, especially LGBTQ+ youth and youth of color, know that they matter and that they are not alone. Identity’s LGBTQ+ Youth Leadership Project serves LGBTQ+ youth by bringing them further into the leadership of our organization and having them co-build our programs moving forward. 


What do you gain from being on the team?

All youth team members participate in a leadership curriculum that enhances their skills in organizing and implementing advocacy projects. Youth gain experience in teamwork, collaboration, and social justice advocacy that they can write into their resumes. Additionally, each youth will receive a $250 stipend for their participation on the leadership team.


Who is eligible to apply?
Identity will select 10 to 20 youth ages 14 to 18 years old who self-identify as LGBTQ+. We will select youth leaders based on the content of the application, age, and the additional experiences and identities they bring to the team. We hope to bring together a Youth Leadership Team that is representative of Alaska’s community; therefore, we are intentionally inviting queer and trans BIPOC youth to apply, youth who hold mutliple underserved identities, and/or who live in rural communities around Alaska (outside of Anchorage). If you are within the age range, LGBTQ+, and live in Alaska, we strongly encourage you to apply! We look forward to seeing all of your applications.


How do you join the Youth Leadership Team? 

  • The application deadline is January 6, 2021, at 11:59pm. To apply, complete the following application (link). 

  • Applicants will continue forward in the process based on a first-round review of applications. Interview invitations will be sent out by January 8. 

  • All interviews will last approximately 30 minutes. Interviews will be scheduled January 11-15. Interviews will be a video conference conducted online using Zoom. *If an applicant is unable to join a video call, due to internet limitations or access to a camera, the interview can be conducted via phone call. 

  • Selection notifications will be emailed out by Jan. 21. The selection process for the Youth Leadership Team is intentional in our effort to bring together a team that is diverse in lived experiences, skill sets, and identities. If you are not selected for the 2021 Youth Leadership Team cohort, we strongly encourage you to apply again in the following year, and you can always reach out to Identity to seek feedback. Identity can also connect you with further leadership opportunities with partner organizations and community efforts.   


When are youth expected to be available to participate on the Youth Leadership Team? 

In addition to the application process, the Youth Leadership Team is expected to engage with a project timeline that begins Jan. 29th and goes through Mid-May. 


The first gathering for the team is a weekend leadership retreat on February 5th – 7th. The retreat will be completely online, using Zoom and other virtual platforms. All team members are required to attend this retreat; if you are unable to attend this retreat due to already having previously scheduled an event on that weekend, please contact Identity before submitting an application. The retreat will begin with a team building session on Friday night, before continuing into sessions on Saturday and Sunday (these sessions will occur between 10am and 5pm). Additional information about the retreat will be sent out with selection notification emails.


Following the retreat, the Youth Leadership Team will meet weekly as a large group. These meetings are likely to last approximately 90 minutes. The day and time of this meeting will be determined during the retreat. This meeting will also be online, likely using Zoom, from Feb. 8 to May 7, for a total of approximately 12 meetings. 


Each youth will meet one-on-one with Identity’s Youth Program Manager once per month, for up to 60 minutes. These meetings will also be online, likely using Zoom, or via phone if that is more convenient for the youth team member. 


Aside from these structured meetings, youth team members should expect to devote additional time toward the creation and implementation of a group project. This might include small group planning meetings every other week to build a GSA at school or it might include the time needed to implement an online event or awareness campaign. The time commitment will vary depending what direction the Youth Leadership Team decides to take on projects. 


In late April, all Youth Leadership Team members will participate in a 360 degree evaluation process. This means that Identity’s Youth Program Manager will evaluate each youth’s participation on the team, peer leaders will evaluate one another, and each youth will evaluate themself. These evaluations will be discussed during the final 1on1 meeting with Identity’s Youth Program Manager. The point of the evaluation process is to give you meaningful feedback and encouragement that can prepare you to pursue your future goals. 

In May, the Youth Leadership Team will culminate with a 2-Hour virtual party. We’ll celebrate all that the team accomplished and recognize each person’s hard work. We will bring closure to the group as youth adventure into their summer plans, and discuss the steps for applying again in 2022 as a Returning Youth Leader.  


Contact Identity’s Youth Program Manager Justin Dickens (they/them) Phone: 907-929-4528 Email: Discord: YPM Justin (they/he)#8373