Educational Resources


SOGIE = Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity / Expression

Want to learn more about SOGIE identities? Check out the Gender & Sexuality page for more information – this page includes information on a few of the innumerable sexualities & gender identities.

Resources For Engaging in Social Justice

Explore resources for unlearning and ways to get involved on the Social Justice page.

Educators & Students

Resources For Educators & Students

Check out these resources specifically curated for educators & students – this page includes guides for schools, student resources, scholarship opportunities, and resources to engage in advocacy. 

Resources For Parents & Guardians

Explore resources for parents & guardians of 2SLGBTQIA+ youth – this page includes supportive spaces, resources for learning, and how to initiate conversations with youth. 

Guide for Updating ID Documents

Amending ID documents page lists the step by step process for updating your name or gender marker on government documents. The Identity Health Clinic also hosts a Legal Support Group which offers support and education throughout this process.

Information About Medical Transitions

Learn more about the process of medical transition on our Medical Transitions page – including information about hormones & surgery. Also, head to the Identity Health Clinic page to set up an appointment or become a patient!