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Welcome to the home of Identity Advocacy Team. Our purpose is to advocate the rights of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender individuals for an inclusive community for all.

The Advocacy Program is an ongoing proactive effort to inform Alaskans that the LGBTQ+ community plays a valuable role in creating a better environment for all of us. The Identity Advocacy Team is a respected and recognized team who individually and collectively educates the larger Alaskan community to build LGBTQ+ equality. The team facilitates broad-based strategies by modeling proactive advocacy and is committed to sustainable participation and visibility.
Through education and partnership, we can develop alliances and understanding to expand our voice in the Alaskan community. We hope you will be interested in joining our efforts. This site is a open forum for discussion of issues as well as a tool to assist in advocacy efforts.

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Advocacy Team

We would like to introduce you to the Identity Advocacy Team (IAT), a program sponsored by Identity, Inc. The mission of our program is to advocate for the interests of the Alaska LGBTQ+ community and their allies. The team is comprised of people who individually and collectively educate the larger Alaskan community to build LGBTQ+ equality. Our mission is to start discussions, open dialogues and provide information.

With the plethora of opinions and commentaries regarding recent ballot measures, many businesses, governmental agencies, educators, and social organizations have realized a need for more education on LGBTQ+ issues. Companies are including sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination language in their corporate policies, yet are having trouble applying these policies to every-day practice.

Needless confusion, misconceptions and conflict result due to both the lack of factual information and the knowledge of how to access local and national resources for assistance. If employers hold dialogues and planning sessions without credible information, the result is often unsuccessful and can negatively impact employee satisfaction and morale. Additionally, these unsuccessful instances only serve to reverse the advances that have been made in LGBTQ+ acceptance in the workplace.

Identity, Inc. is spearheading our program. In its existence under several different names over the past thirty years, Identity has already made a strong impact in the community by creating programs like Anchorage Pride, SAGE Alaska, youth programming and Identity’s Winter Fundraiser. The IAT, through Identity and other local LGBTQ+ organizations, will partner with local and national organizations to provide resources dedicated to creating an allied community for Alaska. Corporations, educational institutions, health care professionals, community leaders, and other interested organizations can feel comfortable that they are addressing the important issues and information needs by engaging the IAT. Our research, information, and insight are intended for both straight and LGBTQ+ audiences.

By way of this introduction, we hope that your organization will become involved with the Identity Advocacy Team when you have the need for speakers and information on LGBTQ+ topics. We would also like to partner with organizations with which we share common goals and ideals. We are committed to being visible as contributing valued members of the community as we educate, inform, and enlighten. Contact us via email at advocacyteam@gmail.com, or by phone at (907) 929-4528. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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