Billy Farrell, Executive Director

Billy has served a variety of roles at Identity Inc over the years. He served as Interim-Executive Director between August and November 2016. Before taking on this role, Billy served for 2 years as Youth Program Manager, running Identity’s Youth initiatives across the state. In this time, Billy has been instrumental in Identity’s growth, including adding 3 new support groups, expanding our yearly youth summits to bi-annual events, and extending Identity’s direct group support into the Mat-SU Valley. Billy graduated from the University of Florida with a B.A. in Political Science. He has a background in political organizing and community outreach specializing in diversity education. Billy looks forward to his working to increase opportunity, awareness and acceptance to ensure every Alaskan can be their authentic self and still feels safe, supported and loved in their community.

Brooks Banker, Youth Program Manager

Brooks first became involved with Identity as a chaperone for the Youth Leadership Summit in 2015. A Vermont native, he appreciated the Alaskan landscape, but found its LGBTQ community far more inspiring, especially Identity’s youth programming. Brooks worked at Philly AIDS Thrift, a Philadelphia based HIV/AIDS non-profit thrift store, for over 5 years, where he developed an important sense of community and a love for junk. He believes all people deserve the right to have a safe space to love, learn, and live – especially youth. Being a performer, (A Mad Myrna’s Friday night Diva by the name Golden Delicious) he also believes in the importance of expression, and is looking forward to being involved with so many groups that facilitate the opportunity to do so for our LGBTQ youth.